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[PanoToolsNG] Re: What shall we do with this group.

Hi Erik, I still read this. I hope the general consensus is to keep it going, and hopefully re-energise it Jef Email: #removed# Web: http://www.jeffstarley.com **************************************************************************

PanoTools NG - Jeff Starley jeffstarley@gmail.com [PanoToolsNG] - 16-Apr-26 20:50

[PanoToolsNG] What shall we do with this group.

Hello, one or the other might remember, I'm one of the panotoolsNG moderators. Our lovely and once so active PanotoolsNG group seems almost dead. Although we still have 1900+ members and some requests for approval each week apparently no one dares

PanoTools NG - erik.krause@gmx.de [PanoToolsNG] - 16-Apr-26 18:53

[PanoToolsNG] What happened to panoramas.dk?

I have looked several times and the website seems to be down. Anybody know what has happened? Thanks John qrpcwguy

PanoTools NG - qrpcwguy@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Nov-05 20:49

[PanoToolsNG] New version of FSPViewer

FSPViewer is a program for locally viewing equirectangular panoramic images of any size. I have released version 2.1.0. You can find it at http://www.fsoft.it/FSPViewer/ New features: - Now the ?shimmering? effect that can be noticed when pan

PanoTools NG - Fulvio Senore mailing@fsoft.it [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Oct-20 19:20

[PanoToolsNG] 360 Video stitching software

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a tool that will stitch about 10 videos into one over-under 360 video for Oculus. I'm aware of Kolor, PTGui and Hugin (well the last two are really PanoTools). Is there anything else for video? Than

PanoTools NG - antonbar@gmail.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Aug-27 08:04

[PanoToolsNG] The short report about Panotools Meeting 2015

Panotools Meeting 2015 , Ljubljana, Slovenia  Sunday August, 23rd: The Panotools meeting started in Sundayafternoon in the former military prison and nowadays the Word's hipstierhostel. Gathering together with the introductions and then in the evenin

PanoTools NG - Bostjan Burger si_lander@yahoo.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Aug-26 21:11

RE: [PanoToolsNG] Stitching problem with ptstitcherNG : creating vertical lines at equirectangular borders

Yeah I'm around. I think I just hooked a whale and they seemed embarrassed I invoiced them for less than half of what's expected which was already 8 times what I usually inviice. Sacha Griffin Southern Digital Solutions LLC  - Atlanta, Georgia http://w

PanoTools NG - sachagriffin sachagriffin@southern-digital.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Aug-14 01:42

[PanoToolsNG] Stitching problem with ptstitcherNG : creating vertical lines at equirectangular borders

Hi there Panotools fellows! I use PTstitcherNG to stitch in command line. Sometime i experiment vertical lines when playing the final pano in a vr player, particurlarly when the left side of the equirectangular meets the right side. Have a look here in

PanoTools NG - goldenization goldenization@yahoo.fr [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Aug-07 11:17

[PanoToolsNG] The Future of VR - Is This All There Is?

A new article on the Future of VR is now available on the Virtual Reality Photography web site at: http://vrphotography.com/futureofvr/ http://vrphotography.com/futureofvr/ Scott Highton Author, Virtual Reality Photography Web: ht

PanoTools NG - scott@highton.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Aug-05 06:30

[PanoToolsNG] What is the best cheapest mirror ball for taking a panorama?

What is the best cheapest mirror ball for taking a panorama?

PanoTools NG - randallglass@radiotelephonetutor.com [PanoToolsNG] - 15-Aug-04 14:51

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