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Date/Time:2018-May-26 10:44:18
Subject:Stitching server side


PanoTools NG: Stitching server side rafa226@... 2018-May-26 10:44:18
Hello All

 This is my first post and i am pleased to salute you :)

 I am using a bash script to stitch pictures on a debian9 server (1 core cpu, 4Go ram) : the panorama has many errors and glitches.
 Trying the script on OSX (i7 8700k cpu + nvidia 1080gtx + 16go ram) renders almost perfectly stitched panorama.

 You can compare the 2 resulting pictures :


 The debian script is here :


 And the osx script is there :


 Main differences with softwares are versions :
On Debian :
 - Hugin's cpfind 2016.2.0.be8da0221960
- enblend 4.2
- nona version 2016.2.0.be8da0221960


 On OSX :
- Hugin's cpfind 2013.0.0
- enblend 4.1.1
- nona --version not supported ...

 Did some body else encountered those differences and have a clue of what i am doing wrong ?

 Can it be the weak server hardware compared to the mac ? Software versions ? Wrong logic or params in the shell script ?

 All advises and suggestions will be appreciated !

 Have a nice day


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