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Sender:John Houghton
Date/Time:2003-Dec-23 11:56:39
Subject:Re: Error messages in PTGUI


PanoTools: Re: Error messages in PTGUI John Houghton 2003-Dec-23 11:56:39
I think I have seen the error message once or twice but I cannot tell 
you what it means.  You might get a clue as to what is wrong by 
examining line 23 of the script.  (Check the "Show script" box on the 
Optimizer tab).  The Scripts folder under Panorama Tools has text 
files explaining the format of the script file.  I would also check 
all the control points you added after adding the nadir and zenith 
images (right alignment types?).  Also check that the image 
parameters are all reasonable values.  Try an optimize run with only 
some of the "Use control points of" boxes checked, e.g. exclude the 
last two images added.  In any event, you don't have to lose all your 
control points.  Simply copy/paste them from your old project file 
into the new one, if necessary.  But probably you can get away with 
just removing the lines relating to the zenith and nadir images 
(including the control point lines)from your current project file. 


--- In #removed#, J Scancella <#removed#> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am new to the group but have been reading with interest for the 
past couple of weeks, and I would like to ask a question if I may. 
Everyone here seems to be very open and informative and I thank you 
in advance.  This may have been discussed at a previous time, and I 
appologize, but her goes.  I have been getting an error message when 
I attempt to optimize.  
> It reads: "pixel coordinates must be positve", then when I click 
that message I get another one that reads: "syntax error in script: 
line 23".  


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