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Date/Time:2003-Dec-23 14:22:50
Subject:Re: Error messages in PTGUI


PanoTools: Re: Error messages in PTGUI pitdavos 2003-Dec-23 14:22:50
Hi Jim

I'm also new to this group, but I had the same error a few days ago.
I think this error will occur, when you set controlpoints that are 
out of the cropping area of the zenith and nadir picture.

Try to find other controlpoints in the cropping area or make the 
cropping of the pictures (zenith / nadir) big enough.

I think it'll works.

regards from Switzerland

--- In #removed#, J Scancella <#removed#> 
> Hi All,
> I am new to the group but have been reading with interest for the 
past couple of weeks, and I would like to ask a question if I may. 
Everyone here seems to be very open and informative and I thank you 
in advance.  This may have been discussed at a previous time, and I 
appologize, but her goes.  I have been getting an error message when 
I attempt to optimize.  
> It reads: "pixel coordinates must be positve", then when I click 
that message I get another one that reads: "syntax error in script: 
line 23".  
> I have seen this before and all I could do was start the whole 
process over again and loose all the time I had spent setting 
control points ect.  I was wondering if ther was an area that I 
could look at to fix the errors.  I am lost.  As a background this 
error came up after I  had a good result in stitching four images.  
I then added the Zenith and Nadir and then I recieved the messages.  
I was having problems with the Zenith and Nadir so I thought I woud 
stich the other images first to see if it made a difference.  I must 
have done something wrong to get the error message but I have no 
clue.  Any and all comments would be welcome
> I again thank you all in advance.
> Jim Scancella


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