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Sender:John Houghton
Date/Time:2003-Dec-23 20:07:05
Subject:Re: Error messages in PTGUI


PanoTools: Re: Error messages in PTGUI John Houghton 2003-Dec-23 20:07:05
I think the suggestion that you look at the cropping parameters is 
probably the correct answer.  I just tried reducing the crop area for 
all the images in a project that previously optimized without any 
problems and immediately produced your error.  

I think it is only with experience that you can look at parameters 
and recognize immediately that something is not quite right.  What 
you need to remember is that you are trying to create a replica of 
the view as seen from the camera position.  Each image is effectively 
pasted onto a spherical surface and warped so that when you look from 
the centre of the sphere, you see exactly what the camera saw.  If 
you took 4 images for the horizontal 360 view, then you would expect 
the yaw values of the images to increment by approximately 90 
degrees, e.g. 0,90,180,270.  If you kept the camera level, then the 
roll and pitch values would be near zero.  Sometimes, you or the 
optimizer may get things horribly wrong and the images end up in 
completely unreasonable positions.  You can rectify the situation by 
entering a sensible set of new values manually, or revert to a recent 
copy of the project file.  Altering the image parameters won't affect 
the control points, though placing control points inappropriately can 
cause the optimizer to position the images in a hopelessly inaccurate 
way.  When you get an error message that you don't understand, it is 
usually helful to generally look around for something that doesn't 
look "right" and which might directly or indirectly point the way to 
the root cause of the problem.


--- In #removed#, "James Scancella" <#removed#> 
> John,
> Thanks for getting back so soon.  I will try to remove the zenith 
> nadir, and then run it again.  You mentioned that I should check to 
> that all "image parameter values" have a reasonable value.  I have 
> admit that most of the time when I look at the values after I 
achieve a
> good result they make no more sense to me than after I get bad 
> Do you know where there is an explanation or tutorial of what 
> those values does to each image?


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